Part of Ammunition Theater Company’s vision for a “new normal” is to align activism and philanthropy with art in a practical and specific way. It is our commitment to use art as Ammunition to foster change in the world.

Each season Ammo partners with a charity, non-profit or social justice organization to support and promote them through our multi-tiered approach:

1. Creatively: By offering workshops to the community, providing tickets and special performances, talkbacks, etc.

2. Community Engagement: Each Ammo member volunteers at least 4x per year with our chosen organization.

3. Money and Marketing: We feature their logo on our website, playbills and other marketing materials, give money from our box office sale and use our social media platforms to support them.

4. Cross Pollination: We will continue to engage with each community organizations even after our year of partnership has ended. It is our intention to connect the organizations we work with in an effort to expand community and to create a network from which we can all thrive.

It is our belief that a commitment to giving will not only benefit the chosen organization, but will also enhance the art we create and all the communities we serve.

This year, Ammo is proud to announce our partnership with POPs The Club. POPs is a High School club that works with students affected by incarceration – both those who have been incarcerated and the loved ones of incarcerated people.

Ammo is excited to work with students in four LAUSD High Schools to empower them to tell their own stories out loud. Follow us on social media to find out about exciting opportunities to see these students perform their written work alongside Ammo members!

To learn more about this vital organization and how you can get involved along with us, please click here.

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