New Theatre Company Founded on Premise of Creative Activism
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AMMUNITION MAIN PHOTO (1 of 1)Company members featured on networks such as ABC, FOX, Amazon and HBO.

Los Angeles, CA April 27th, 2015 – Ammunition Theatre Company, a new force on the Los Angeles theater scene, began as the product of a conversation at 3 o’clock in the morning between co-founders Arjun Gupta and Vinny Chhibber.

Ammunition Theatre Company began as the product of a conversation at 3 o’clock in the morning between co-founders Arjun Gupta and Vinny Chhibber. “The company was borne out of a desire to accelerate a shift we had started to see in popular culture to tell stories from more than just a few perspectives, ” stated Arjun Gupta.

“Given the diverse nature of the communities we are a part of, we felt like we were uniquely suited to help bring new stories to light in a medium we believe is impactful,” added Vinny Chhibber. “So we got a passionate, talented group of people together that shared our vision to affect change – and decided to merge our art with our activism.”

The mission of Ammunition Theatre Company is to produce work that features underrepresented stories told in innovative ways, while actively working and creating in the community.

Part of the company’s vision for a “new normal” is to align activism and philanthropy with art in a practical and specific way. Each season the company will partner with a charity, non-profit or social justice organization to support and promote them through a multi-tiered approach: Creative Involvement, Community Engagement, Financial Support, Marketing and Cross Pollination.

This year, Ammunition Theater Company will be working with My Friends Place, an organization who has been serving homeless youth in Los Angeles for over 26 years.To learn more about the organization please click here:

The theatre company is also a member of the Pasadena Arts Council’s EMERGE Fiscal Sponsorship Program. This program enables all donations made to Ammunition Theatre Company to be tax deductible. For more information about the Pasadena Arts Council please visit:

To learn more about Ammunition Theatre Company, please visit: or follow us on facebook, twitter and instagram @ammotheatre

Company Members Include: Malcolm Barrett, Tina Huang, Julie Bersani, Garrett Mercer, Deborah S. Craig, Michael Feldman, Karla Souza, Carlton Byrd, Ari Boyd, Yara Martinez, Karla Mosley, Brandon Scott, Vinny Chhibber and Arjun Gupta.

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